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We are a citizens committee working to support, inform, and work towards the renewal of the operating millage that keeps Birmingham Schools among the best in the nation. With your support we continue to provide the best education possible for the children and residents of the Birmingham School District. This site which is  developed and managed by volunteers supports the citizens committee to support the millage renewal. Please visit often for updates and information about how you can help! Thank you. 

Welcome to the Friends of BPS citizens web page. We are supporters of the Birmingham Public School District and we work to help ensure the funding needs of the district are meet. Please explore this site and learn about  the district and how public schools are financed. You can find all the municipalities that are covered by the BPS district, and what a millage renewal means to you as a homeowner. Join our mailing list to stay informed. Thank you!


No Increase In Tax Rate

Zero rate increase for homesteads, and return to state formula of 18 mills for Commerical/non-homestead properties.  All schools in Michigan are funded with local and state millages. The Commerical 18 mill levy provides approximately $2,720 per full time student. The BPS community is grateful for the continued support of the hold harmless homestead millage which represents an additional $3,877.23 per full time student (it’s been the same dollar amount per student amount since 1994). The bar graph adjacent to this text shows the support our community has provided in the prior renewal election.

  • Yes Votes 76.22% 76.22%
  • No Votes 23.78% 23.78%

Great Schools = Great Communities

The residents of the Birmingham School district have always know the power of supporting great schools.  This renewal ensures we continue to fund our schools in a manner that protects smaller class sizes and diversity of programing.

There are nine communities that comprise the Birmingham Public School District. It is only through your continued support that we can fulfill the mission and the objectives of the new strategic plan. Click on map to see your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On November 5, 2019 voters in the Birmingham Public School District will be asked to renew the existing operating millage and return the Commerical millage to the state formula of 18 mills.  With this approval the millage is extended to 2028 and WILL NOT increase any homestead taxes.

The panels below summarize the most frequently asked questions (click panel to open individually).

What's being requested?

School Operating Millage 

All Michigan school district operations are funded through a mixture of local and state millages. This proposal will replace, restore and extend the BPS operating millage.

RESTORE the 18 mill Commerical/non-homestead rate
REPLACE the authorized limit to 21 mills on commercial/non-homestead property to ensure the district can levy 18 mills as assumed by state funding formulas
EXTEND the voter approved homestead millage rate of 14.24 mills through 2028.


Why Renew Now?

The November Election

By electing to appear on the November ballot  the district was able to add the measure to the General Election ballot cycle and save the costs associated with a regular or special school election process at a different date.

What are revenues used for?

Running the Schools

The money the district receives from the Operating Millage (the Commerical/Non-homestead, and the Homestead) as well as State revenues supports the day-to-day operations of the school district, including salaries for teachers and staff. Local revenues represent approximately 54% ($52.45 million) of the overall General Fund budget.

Why is a vote needed?

State Law

Under state law, school operating millage authority expires periodically. For BPS to continue to receive the full State Foundation Allowance for each student, this millage must be reauthorized from time to time. This millage was last approved in 2016.

Where do I vote?

Find your voting location

Election day is Tuesday, November 5th. Polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. You can find your voting location through the State of Michigan website:

Why is the ballot language so complex?

Legal Requirements

The language is strictly controlled by state requirements. It must conform to established structure and content. However, the goal is simple: keep funding millage at current levels. This authorization will merely enable the district to continue to collect the full per pupil amount allowed under Proposal A. As part of the proposal, voters will have the opportunity to reauthorize the levy of up to 14.24 mills on homesteads for general operating purposes for the next 10 years. Currently, the district levies 7.1948 mills on homesteads. 

What are the benefits for residents without children?

According to realtor statistics, the quality of a school district’s programs and the condition of its facilities are two factors that people consider when choosing where to purchase a home.  Realtors in the District’s communities agree that people are drawn to the Birmingham area because of the strong academic foundation our schools offer.  The District  continues to provide a rigorous academic experience along with a focus on character education and service learning as noted in our Strategic Plan.  Renewing the existing millage rate ensures continued preservation of class size and excellence in programming.  

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